General Information

    Mandel Sales was founded in 1987. Our goal is to become the most complete decorative plumbing and hardware agency in our market, and one of the most respected in the industry. Our mission is to focus our attention on helping both our suppliers and customers succeed and achieve their goals.

    Architects and Designers

    To obtain a binder for your library and/or to schedule a product knowledge meeting, please contact us at

    Manufacturers in Need of Representation

    Mandel Sales prides itself on being selective regarding the manufactures and product lines we represent. Unlike many of our competitors which often lump the product lines they represent into an ever-expanding catch-all category of “and a few others…”, our manufactures are exclusive members of our portfolio, and are always presented as a featured manufacturer.

    If you are in need of representation in Southern California, you can contact us at

    Respected Representation