DADOquartz Freestanding Baths

    Turn any bathroom into a sanctuary for relaxation with our selection of highly luxurious freestanding soaker tubs. Whether you’re decorating your own bathroom or remodeling for a client, nothing says luxury like these lavish freestanding tubs. Going beyond just the illusion of quality, these DADOquartz baths are designed to perform even better than they look. With an elegant, timeless design, the solid surface bathtubs in our selection exhibit longevity in style as well as function.

    These eco-friendly bathtubs are manufactured in South Africa and made from DADOquartz, a harmonious combination of resin and natural minerals. This exclusive material is engineered to create not only the look of a silky, smooth luxury soaking tub but also the feel of one. These stone resin bathtubs exhibit classic elegance while also providing a soothing texture that elevates your bathing experience. The innovative features of these modern bathtubs create a relaxing environment by retaining the temperature of the water longer and eliminating the discomfort that comes with ordinary acrylic tubs. With everything from two-person bathtubs, standalone tubs, deep bathtubs and more these extravagant tubs are nothing short of a work of art. The portfolio includes compact bathtubs from 60″ all the way to extra-large tubs of 76″ for the serious soaker. Height profiles range from a low 20″ to a deep 28″. All tubs include an integrated overflow system, which avoids unsightly drain pipes and allows for the tub to stand directly against a wall if needed.

    DADOquartz Bathroom Basins

    Transform any bathroom into a timeless blend of classical and modern style with our selection of DADOquartz stone basins. These artistic basins embody the essence of a traditional basin and reconstruct it into a contemporary design to create a unique solid-surface basin. While they are beautiful to look at, DADO basins are known for their exceptional longevity. These solid-surface sinks are manufactured in South Africa and individually hand finished to ensure absolute perfection. DADOquartz luxury basins are resistant to hairline cracks, veins, discoloration and other common blemishes that may appear in ordinary sinks over time.

    These elegant basins are designed with smooth edges and a clean, white finish. These modern basins emulate the very essence of luxury and are designed to elevate the ambience of any bathroom with their aesthetic look and feel. Our selection of contemporary basins includes the most popular styles of freestanding basins for interior designers and homeowners, such as the Cascata, Gracelynn, Morgane and much more. Carved to form the most beautiful structures, our basins are unlike ordinary modern sinks. Enhance any bathroom with contemporary luxury that never ends

    Future Classics

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