Introducing Kitchen Faucetry by California Faucets

    For years, customers who love our lavatory faucets have wondered why we didn’t make kitchen faucets, too.

    Our approach has been to do one thing well, perfect it, and then grow.We would make kitchen faucets when we’re ready to bring the same level of sophisticated design and craftsmanship to them.

    Now is the time.

    Combining Italian design and American craftsmanship, we’ve created four series of kitchen faucets that embody all you’ve come to expect from California Faucets.
    Each is handcrafted with our signature solid brass construction and includes pull-down spray spouts that toggle seamlessly back and forth between stream or spray.All spouts also swivel 360 degrees for maximum reach and flexibility.With our kitchen faucetry, you can choose multiple handle options and they’re available in more than 30 finishes, including 15 PVD finishes that come with a lifetime warranty against tarnishing.That’s important considering that your kitchen faucet is used dozens of times a day, more than any other plumbing fitting in your home.

    The kitchen is a place where family and friends come together. Let
    our Custom Faucetry ® help you unleash your inner cook and make your moments memorable. Or, as they say in Italy: Buon Appetito!

    Introducing Kitchen Faucets
    Kitchen Faucet Ensembles