Leading the Way with High Performance Ventilation Fans and Indoor Air Quality Solutions

    Panasonic is the premier manufacturer of powerful, energy-efficient ventilation fans that quietly exhaust unhealthy, unpleasant or moist air from your home or business.

    Panasonic is proud to be recognized by the EPA for the fifth consecutive year, earning their most prestigious ENERGY STAR® honor, the Sustained Excellence 2014 Award.

    Panasonic has been in the ventilation business for over 100 years and is the largest manufacturer of ventilation equipment globally. Panasonic produces the highest quality, most efficient and environmentally friendly products available in the market today. We do this by designing, engineering and manufacturing in our own facilities. Panasonic is known around the world for offering the quietest ENERGY STAR® fans in the industry!

    Panasonic has many fans to solve your remodeling ventilation needs:

    WhisperGreen SelectTM: The Best. Fan. Period.
    You have complete control over this customizable IAQ solution
    Our best fan now delivers an array of solutions for almost any application. Customizable all-in-one fan and fan-light combinations give you more than [250] possible configurations: multiple flow rates, plug ‘n play modules, and installation flexibility.

    WhisperWall: Installation Flexibility That Pays
    The ability to install a vent fan in a wall means that you can eliminate a complicated duct run and maximize the efficiency of your bath fan. The super- quiet WhisperWall is Energy Star rated to help you comply with green certifications and save money to boot.

    WhisperFit®EZ installs easily
    The low-profile design fits existing holes to replace defective fans in a 2×6 ceiling or dropped soffit. You won’t have to replace ductwork or buy extra conversion kits because WhisperFit®EZ fans come with adapters that can incorporate 4 in. or 6 in. ducts. The double hanger-bar system (expandable up to 24 in.) is ideal for positioning the fan exactly where you want it. Learn More

    WhisperComfort: The High Performance, Low Cost Solution for Balanced Ventilation.
    The best ventilation solution for a tight house is a ventilation system that balances air pressure in the home. Designed to run continuously at a low CFM setting WhisperComfort exhausts stale air, moisture, and indoor pollutants, while bringing in fresh, clean, tempered air from outside.

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